Mónica Mays, b.Madrid, based in Amsterdam



MA Studio for Immediate Spaces, Sandberg Instituut NL (2015-2017)
BFA Cum Laude, HEAR / École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs FR (2011-15)
Cultural Anthropology, University of New Orleans USA (2009-11)

Selected Exhibitions and Performances

2022 fundamental ocurrences, Nosbaum Reding Brussels, BE
2022 Loosing oneself in the Woods, curated by Cristina Anglada, Twin Gallery, ES
2022 Amigos Reina Sofia Museum, ARCO Madrid, ES
2022 emotions are facts, curated by Chloé Bonnie More, Nosbaum Reding Luxembourg, LU
2022 Generación, curated by Ignacio Cabrero, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES

2021 Al Revés, curated by Jesús Alcaide, Art Nueve, ES
2021 Open Studio, CRA Matadero, ES
2021 Silencio oscuro de los Grandes Troncos, curated by Raquel Ibañez, Sala Amadís, ES
2021 Bucolic Gang, curated by Tautvydas Urbelis, Rupert, St. Virgin Maria's Church, LT
2021 A Green Jade Lake, curated by Institute for Postnatural Studies, Centro Centro, ES
2021 Itinerancias Premio de Arte Joven C&L, Museo de Palencia & Museo de Segovia, ES 
2021 Unrooted Flying Objects, Cosmos Carl, online 
2021 Appendix Songs, Punt WG, Amsterdam, NL 
2021 Sand Shine, curated by Javier Montoro, Aparador Monteleón, ES

2020 Itinerancia Premios de Arte Joven C&L, Museo de Zamora, Museo de León, Sala Unamuno, Palacio Butrón, ES
2020 I’m Not Your Territory, We Are My Only Character, Atelier Chiffonnier, Dijon, FR
2020 Unsayings, Industra Gallery, Brno, CZ
2020 Homies Prayers, Come Together V, Frascati Theater, Amsterdam, NL
2020 Un gesto que permanece,curated by Vera Martin Zelich, Salón, Madrid, ES

2019 hypnoquinomagia, with  Microlima and DAF, Combo, off-site Biennale Venetie, Venice, IT
2019 Soft Landings Editions, Dutch Design Week, TAC, Eindhoven, NL 
2019 Homies, Corridor PS, Amsterdam, NL
2019 City Circles, wemakethecity, Wow, Amsterdam, NL
2019 Kunst Rai 35, Amsterdam, NL

2018 Museum Nacht, Museum Willet-Holthuysen, Amsterdam, NL
2018 Shifting Class, former Gsus headquarters, Amsterdam, NL
2018 Auricula Garden, Open Tuinen Dag / Music for Plants (ii), with Tom K Kemp, Amsterdam, NL
2018 w.i.l.l.i.a.m., Bologna.cc, Amsterdam, NL
2018 Breathe in, breath out, Neverneverland, Amsterdam, NL

2017 No zero No two, SNDO, Academie voor Theater en Dans, Amsterdam, NL
2017 Isola 3000, ISO, Amsterdam Art Weekend, Amsterdam, NL
2017 Amsterdam Dance Event, De School, Amsterdam, NL 
2017 Art-Cure. Activating the Potential, Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Amsterdam, NL
2017 NEWTOWN, Metro Station Noord, Amsterdam, NL

2016 Modern Body Festival, De Nieuwe Regentes Theater, Den Haag, NL
2016 Instant Composition, Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerpen, BE
2016 Bienal Arte Contemporaneo Emergente, Eve-Maria Zimmerman, Tenerife, ES
2016 Photo Book Madrid, Reina Sofia Museum Library, Madrid, ES
2016 paranymph (slush puppies), De Fabriek, Eindhoven, NL
2016 A Place Beyond Desire, Rietveld Pavilion, Amsterdam, NL

Workshops, talks, teaching

2022 Talk Nail that Stems, Tallo que Clavo, Matadero Madrid, ES
2021 Talk Homies, Centro Centro, ES
2021 Talk Home, with Federico Campagna (online)
2021 Workshop Alternative Education Program, Rupert, LT
2021 Talk, Institute of Postnatural Studies Seminar (online)
2020 Bucolic Gang, Rupert Reading Session, Vilnius, LT
2019 Student Advisor, School of New Dance Development, Academy of Theatre and Dance Amsterdam, NL
2019 Workshop conservation_restauration, Souterrain 14, Amsterdam, NL
2018 Workshop Mapping the Auricular, The Auricula Garden, Amsterdam, NL
2017 Student Advisor, School of New Dance Development, Academy of Theatre and Dance Amsterdam, NL
2017 Workshop Vocabularies of Conjuncture, ISO, Amsterdam, NL
2017 Talk, SIS Sandberg Instituut & ISO, Amsterdam, NL


2022 DOGO , Lichtenstein, CH forthcoming
2021 Matadero , Madrid, ES current
2021 Landescape , Sicily, IT
2021 Bilbao Arte, Basque Country, ES
2020 Rupert, Vilnius, LT
2018 - 19 WOW, Amsterdam, NL
2016 Material Gesture, with Anne Holtrop, Gujarat, IN

Awards and Grants

2021 Generación 2022, Fundación Montemadrid and Banco Sabadell
2021 3PD, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst
2021 Bilbao Arte Project Grant
2020 Young Talent Sculpture Prize Castilla y León
2019 Project Grant, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst

Press, publications

2022 Generación 2022, ed. La Casa Encendida (catalogue)
2022 Cardados, El Pais, El Confidencial, Architectural Digest, RNE, Radio3, El Cultural
2022 Se acabó romantizar el campo: llega la postnaturaleza, EPE (article feature)
2021 Un viaje a las entrañas de la temporalidad y la circularidad, La Verdad (article)
2021 Verde que te quiero verde, El Cultural (article)
2021 Romance Utopia, ed. Romy Day Winkel (publication)
2021 Compost Reader, Cthulhu Books (publication)
2021 Bucolic Gang, Art Viewer, Tzvetnik, KubaParis, Ofluxo, EchoGoneWrong, AQNB, Art News (features)
2021 Más madera y joven en los espacios de Madrid, El Cultural (article)
2020 El musgo como obra de arte: residencias confinadas, Babelia, El País (article)
2020 Bucolic Gang, Ofluxo (feature)
2020 TEMOIN, ed. /43 Amalia Laurent and Heloise Colrat (publication)
2020 Unsayings, Ofluxo (feature)
2020 Footnotes on Aesopica, in response to exhibition Aesopica by Rūta Junevičiūtė, at National Gallery of Art, Vilnius (text)
2020 Movement Exposed, Lucia Fernandez Santoro (article)
2020 Immediate Spaces 16–19, ed. Leopold Banchini and Malissa Cañez Sabus
2020 Un Gesto que permanece, Tzvetnik & AQNB (features)
2020 Un gesto que permanece, Finding Art Madrid (interview)
2020 Siete años de un salón, New York Times Magazine: Spain (feature)
2019 Premio de Arte Joven Castilla y León (catalogue)
2019 Homies, Tzvetnik,Contemporary Ruins (features)
2019 Text by Bruno Alves de Almeida 
2019 Party of the Day, Het Parool, Hans van den Beek (article)
2019 Kunst Rai 2019, Kunstblijfteenraadsel (article)
2018 Women, resistance, memory and some things hidden, The Female Perspective (publication)
2018 Open Sandberg w/ Sandberg Instituut (publication)
2017 the times they are a'changing, Najiba Brakkee, Trendbeheer (article)
2017 The Title of the Work (publication)
2017 MORF FROM FORM FROM MORF (visual essay),  Koos Breen
2017 NEW TOWN (publication)
2017 A Growing Book, Cure Park & Taak (publication)
2016 paranymph (slush puppies) w/ Ivan Cheng & SIS (publication)
2015 Bucolic Gang vol1 & vol2, Biblioteca-Centro de Documentación del Museo Reina Sofía (publication)

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