cloudsindeskyeze (performance), rotating platform and sound piece, 20′, De Regentes Theatre, Den Haag, during Modern Body Festival: I/WE/THEY. , 2016


Performed by Bin Koh, Danae Io & Ruben Baart

voice over by Will Pollard, Naomi Credé, Oskar Frere-Smith, Helmer


Three characters are communicating in a cloud in which they are experiencing metanoia. This is used as a spontaneous attempt of the psyche to heal itself of unbearable conflict by melting down and then being reborn into a new form. The sound piece dubs the conversations of the performers with juvenilia, confesions from Las Vegas and pop culture.


cloudsindeskyeze took place in the context of Conversation Balance, an interpersonal installation by Julian F. Thomas that explores the nature of political agency through movement. The installation facilitates latent forms of political expression and agency to emerge by attuning participants’ senses to body movement, and transforming this movement into physical consequences.


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Monica Mays cloudsindeskyze