b.Madrid, based in Amsterdam

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Monica Mays’ work consists of sculptures, performances, archival images, and installations. She has a background in cultural anthropology that continues to inform her site-specific practice, enmeshing biography, historical archive and mythology. In her process she uses found, scavenged and discarded objects, reassembling or recomposing them into her sculptures. Weaving and bundling these with fabric and botanical prints her sculptures come together into complex and animated domestic objects, often spilling over, optically distorted or in a process of transmutation. She considers materials and objects through their production and reproduction, searching for logics of meaning-making and identity under alienating systems of production and exchange. She is interested in ornamentation and its archeological value, considering it a non-verbal artifact circulating irregular and transversal microhistories. Currently, she is working with prepatriarchal mythologies, nature-culture canibalisms, unidentified flying objects, anamorphic perspective mechanisms and the neobaroque.





Backwards by Jesús Alcaide, 2021 ES/EN

Getting Lost in the Woods, 2022 by Cristina Anglada ES




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